Reinforcement Learning with a deep learning model to choose proper action

Unsplash from petekasprzyk

In a previous post, I tried to explain how we can play a simple game Taxi-v3 from OpenAI automatically by applying reinforcement learning basics with the Q-learning algorithm. This approach paved the way to the deep-Q-learning algorithm.

Deep-Q-Learning or…

Reinforcement Learning for Beginners

A gentle introduction to RL with OpenAI-gym and Python

Unsplash from petekasprzyk

I played a lot with machine learning for fun and for work. I’ve built deep-learning models with PyTorch and TensorFlow for NLP, vision and healthcare. However, reinforcement learning was still a mystery for me and reading a lot about Deepmind, AlphaGo and so on was very intriguing. …

Use the power of AWS/CDK to deploy ML models in a stack that scales automatically for inference on CPU or GPU

source: unsplash

For several years now, data science and machine learning were sexy and lots of companies embraced “artificial intelligence” as a new powerful tool to automate complex tasks as a black box. In this area, deep learning appears to be the Holy Grail to build models to detect and classify images…

Machine Learning

An Introduction to Generalized Linear Regression

from @fabioha on

One of the most used tools in machine learning, statistics and applied mathematics, in general, is the regression tool. I say the regression, but there are lots of regression models and the one I will try to cover here is the well known generalized linear regression. The idea underneath this…

Machine Learning

Track your machine learning experiences with MLflow easily deployed thanks to docker-compose

When in the process of building and training machine learning models, its very important to keep track of the results of each experiment. For deep learning models, TensorBoard is a very power tool to log training performances, track gradient, debug a model and so on. We also need to track…

Guillaume Androz

Datascientist @Desjardins General Insurance Group

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